Customizing an individual thanks page


It’s not hard to customize the thanks page for an individual form. This trick is particularly useful for purposes like adding ‘pay now’ buttons.

If you can tolerate a little work in the Management Interface, you’ll find it very easy to customize the Thanks Page for an individual form.

The steps:

  1. Create your form;

  2. Bring up the Management Interface; navigate to portal_skins/PloneFormGen;

  3. Open the fp_thankspage_view template; push the Customize button; this puts an editable copy of the thanks page template in your custom skin folder.

  4. Step back to the Custom folder listing (still in the Management Interface); cut the fp_thankspage_view template;

  5. Navigate to your form folder; paste it there.

  6. Edit the template to insert your Pay/Donate Now form and button code, or whatever other custom code you might need just for this form.


Note: If there is already an fp_thankspage_view template in your custom skin folder (perhaps because you’ve already customized the template for the site), you’ll be cutting and pasting a new copy.