Adding Custom Fields, Action Adapters or Thanks Pages


You may add custom fields, action adapters and thanks pages to PloneFormGen. By far the easiest way to do this is to derive a subclass from one of the field types in fieldsBase or an action adapter from actionAdapter.FormActionAdapter.

When PFG is installed, or reinstalled, it will automatically add to its available fields, adapters and thanks pages list any installed Archetypes content type that implements one of:

  • Products.PloneFormGen.interfaces.actionAdapter.IPloneFormGenActionAdapter

  • Products.PloneFormGen.interfaces.field.IPloneFormGenField

  • Products.PloneFormGen.interfaces.thanksPage.IPloneFormGenThanksPage

Also, the Archetypes class must specify a meta_type in the class definition that matches the meta_type defined in its GS type declaration. Otherwise, it won’t be found.