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Customizing the sharing feature of Plone


Setting sharing rights programmatically

Complex example: Create one folder per group and add sharing rights

The sample code

  • Creates one folder per group, with some groups excluded. The folder is not created if it exists.

  • Blocks role inheritance for the group

  • Gives edit access to the group through sharing

  • Gives view access to the logged in users through sharing

Example is provided as Zope External Method. Create External Method in the target parent folder through the Management Interface. Then run “Test” for this external method in the Management Interface.

import traceback
from StringIO import StringIO
from zope.component import getUtility
from plone.i18n.normalizer.interfaces import IURLNormalizer

block_groups = ["Administrators","opettajat","kouluttajat","yhteyshenkilot"]

def set_sharing(self):

        buffer = StringIO()
        context = self
        normalizer = getUtility(IURLNormalizer)

        site  = context.portal_url.getPortalObject()
        acl = site.acl_users
        groups = acl.source_groups.getGroupIds()

        existing_folders = context.objectIds()

        # Create a folder per each group
        for g in groups:

            if g in block_groups:

            print >> buffer, "Doing group:" + g

            g = g.decode("utf-8")

            id = normalizer.normalize(g)
            if not id in existing_folders:
                context.invokeFactory("Folder", id)

            folder = context[id]

            # Set sharing rights
            # - No inheritance
            folder.__ac_local_roles_block__ = True

            # - Group has edit access

            # - Logged in users have view access

    except Exception, e:

    return buffer.getvalue()

General methods to manipulate local roles (sharing)

folder.manage_setLocalRoles(userid, ['Reader'])

would grant the role “Reader” (Can View on the Sharing Tab) to userid.

Beware that this will set the local roles for the user to only [‘Reader’]. If the user already has other local roles, this will (untested) clear those.

It will not affect inherited roles.