Develop Plone Add ons

To develop an add-on, you need a package to put your code in, plus ways to make it interact with Plone itself and the user. And a way to release your package to your audience.

In short:

Create a package

With the help of Mr.Bob and templates for plone, that is quickly done:

Develop with Dexterity

Dexterity is covered in detail in the Dexterity Developer Manual, which includes an extensive tutorial on setting up a Dexterity development environment.

Upgrading to Plone 5.1

Add your package to buildout

Edit your buildout.cfg file to add the package to your egg list and your develop list. Run buildout.

The Plone Collective

This is an organization for developers of Plone add-ons to work collectively. Software that is released in here follows a simple, collaborative model: every member can contribute to every project.

This means you will have the best chance of having other people contributing to your add-on. When your add-on is generic enough to be useful to other people, please consider to release it here.

Read more on how to become a member of the Plone Collective

Releasing your package

Working with JavaScript


Working with JavaScript has changed considerably in Plone 5. Read the note at the beginning of the document.



A number of Plone trainers have joined forces to create completely open Training materials.

While following a real-life course is the best way to get up to speed with Plone, the material is also very useful for self-study. You will find separate chapters on creating packages, writing your own theme and much more here.