Models, forms, fields and widgets

Plone includes several alternative form mechanisms:

For content-oriented forms:

  • Dexterity for Plone 4.1+

  • Archetypes was used for content types in Plone 3.x, but can still be used in Plone 4 and 5 for migrated sites. For any new development, Dexterity is strongly recommended.

For convenience forms built and maintained through-the-web and where the results are stored in CSV sheet or emailed:

For application and utility forms where custom logic is added by writing Python code:

  • z3c.form for Plone 4.x

  • zope.formlib was used for stock forms in Plone 3.x

This documentation applies only for form libraries.

You need to identify which form library you are dealing with and read the form library specific documentation.

Zope 3 schema (zope.schema package) is database-neutral and framework-neutral way to describe Python data models.

Modelling data

Forms, fields and widgets

Creating forms through-the-web without programming