Basic Usage

There are two ways to use this image out-of-the-box, meaning without any additionally configuration.


This is fine for testing but not for production

Out-of-the-box, this setup has no data persistency which means by stopping the container you will loose all you data !


Plone standalone instances are best suited for testing and development.

docker run -p 8080:8080 plone

Open your browser and go to http://localhost:8080/ and add a Plone site.

Default Zope user and password are admin/admin.

ZEO Cluster

ZEO cluster are best suited for production setups, you will need a loadbalancer.

Start ZEO server

docker run --name=zeo plone zeo

Start 2 Plone clients

docker run -d --name=instance1 --link=zeo -e ZEO_ADDRESS=zeo:8080 -p 8081:8080 plone
docker run -d --name=instance2 --link=zeo -e ZEO_ADDRESS=zeo:8080 -p 8082:8080 plone

Open http://localhost:8080/ or http://localhost:8081/ in your browser.

Default Zope user and password are admin/admin.

If you already have a Plone site, click on View your Plone site, otherwise add a new one.