Custom Images

To run Plone with your custom theme or Plone Add-ons, you’ll have to build another image based on this one.

For this, you’ll need to create two files:

  • site.cfg which is a zc.buildout <> configuration file

  • Dockerfile which is the Docker recipe for your image

Configuration File


extends = buildout.cfg
eggs +=

plone.awesome.addon = 1.0
plone.other.addon = 24.13

# Required by:
# plone.other.addon = 24.13
plone.api = 1.5.1


FROM plone:5

COPY site.cfg /plone/instance/
RUN buildout -c site.cfg \
 && find /data  -not -user plone -exec chown plone:plone {} \+ \
 && find /plone -not -user plone -exec chown plone:plone {} \+

Build your custom Plone image

docker build -t custom-plone-image .

Run it

docker run -p 8080:8080 custom-plone-image