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bobtemplates.plone provides a mr.bob template to generate packages for Plone projects.

To create a package like collective.myaddon:

$ mrbob -O collective.myaddon bobtemplates.plone:addon

You can also create a package with nested namespace:

$ mrbob -O bobtemplates.plone:addon


On creating a package you can choose from the following options. The default value is in [square brackets]:

Package Type? [Basic]

Options are Basic, Dexterity and Theme.

Author’s name

Should be something like ‘John Smith’.

Author’s email

Should be something like ‘’.

Author’s github username

Should be something like ‘john’.

Package description [An add-on for Plone]

One-liner describing what this package does. Should be something like ‘Plone add-on that …’.

Plone version [4.3.4]

Which Plone version would you like to use?

Add example view? [True]

Do you want to register a browser view ‘demoview’ as an example?


Package created with bobtemplates.plone use the current best-practices when creating an addon.


The package is contained in a buildout that allows you to build Plone with the new package installed for testing-purposes.


The package comes with a test setup and some tests for installing the package. It also contains a robot-test that tests logging in. The buildout also contains a config to allow testing the package on travis that sends notifications by email to the package autor.


The package contains a Generic Setup Profile that installs a browserlayer.


The package registers a directory for locales.


The package registers the folder browser/overrides as a directory where you can drop template-overrides using z3c.jbot.


The package contains a where you can add code that is executed on installing the package.


Addons created with bobtemplates.plone are tested to work in Plone 4.3.x and Plone 5. They should also work with older versions but that was not tested.


Use in a buildout

parts += mrbob

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =

This creates a mrbob-executeable in your bin-directory. Call it from the src-directory of your Plone project like this.:

$ ../bin/mrbob -O bobtemplates.plone:addon

Installation in a virtualenv

You can also install bobtemplates.plone in a virtualenv.:

$ pip install mr.bob

$ pip install bobtemplates.plone

Now you can use it like this:

$ mrbob -O bobtemplates.plone:addon

See mr.bob documentation for further information.