Remove “Welcome!” section from splash page

Two methods to remove the auto-generated Welcome! section from root splash page.

The Basics

In Plone 5, an auto-generated Welcome! section is created on a root splash page if its short name is “front-page”. This happens because of a Diazo theme rule tied with a condition to Plone’s default home page, something like this:

<!-- include view @@hero on homepage only -->
<after css:theme="#mainnavigation-wrapper" css:content=".principal" href="/@@hero"
    css:if-content="body.template-document_view.section-front-page" />

Two ways to remove this section include:

1. Creating a new splash page with different name

  1. Simply add a new page in the root folder and give it a short name other than “front-page”. Easier yet: you can just rename default homepage’s shortname with Edit > Settings.

  2. Upon saving this new page (or renaming old one), you can then press “Display” from the toolbar and select “Change content item as default view…”

  3. Finally select the radio button of your new page and press Save.

2. Duplicating theme and removing line of code

  1. Go to site setup

  2. Press “Theming”

  3. Press “Copy” on the Barceloneta theme, give it any short title and description and you can activate it now or later. Press Create.

  4. Click on “rules.xml” to open this file in the browser.

  5. Find and delete the rule mentioned above: <after css:theme=”#mainnavigation-wrapper” css:content=”.principal” href=”/@@hero” css:if-content=”body.template-document_view.section-front-page” />

Then to finish up…

  1. Press the blue “Save” button, then press “Back to control panel”.

  2. If you’ve not already activated it, press “Activate”, then “Clear Cache” on your new theme.