Documentation Issues

Documentation issues are tracked in our issue tracker.

If you have already a GitHub account and you find something missing or wrong in the docs, please open a ticket.

One of the best ways to start contributing is to pick one of the tickets labeled First Timer.


Working on issues takes time and energy, to make it as pleasant as possible for everyone, meaning for you and the reviewer we would like to ask you to make yourself familiar with our style-guides for documentation and reStructuredText [reST].

Plone Issues

If you think your bug involves a core component of Plone, check to see if that component has its own repository under the Plone organization on GitHub.

If it does, use the component’s issue tracker to submit your bug report. If the component does not have its own repository there, submit your bug report in the catch-all CMFPlone tracker on GitHub.


After figuring out where to post your report, but before doing so, please search the issue tracker to ensure this issue hasn’t already been reported and that it hasn’t already been fixed in a later version of the component.

You can also find a overview about that on