Upgrade add-on products


The steps to take to migrate your third party products

  • Shut down your Plone server instance.

  • If you specified concrete versions of the third-party products in your buildout.cfg file (so-called “pinning”, and a recommended practice), like Products.PloneFormGen = 1.7.17, update these references to point to the new versions.


Without pinning, i.e. specifying only, for example, Products.PloneFormGen and no version, buildout will pick the newest version of the products by default.

  • Run bin/buildout. Wait until all new software is downloaded and installed.

  • Start Plone again - your site may look weird, or even be inaccessible until you have performed the next step

  • Navigate to the Add-on screen (add /prefs_install_products_form to your site URL, and upgrade products if you can (products that support both your current and new version of Plone).
    • Perform product-specific upgrade procedures (if any).

    • You will find these in the documentation of each product.

Should the /prefs_install_products_form be unreachable, you should try doing the add-on upgrades from the Management Interface. Navigate to the quickinstaller in the Management Interface, and reinstall or upgrade products that are shown to be outdated.


Be careful when updating add-ons through the Management Interface. It may show outdated themes as well with a hint to update. If you do that, the updated theme will activate itself, overriding your current theme. If this happens, re-enable your theme in the theming panel.