Status check


It is good practice to regularly check if your web site is still up. This may be done by a command line tool like httpok or some online service. For this you don’t want to query a possibly expensive page. And you don’t want to query anything that may be stored in an intermediate caching server. There are a few options.

ok browser view

Call http://plonesite-url/@@ok. Or if a tool is confused by the @ signs, call http://plonesite-url/ok. You can also call this on the Zope site root. This returns the text OK and sets headers to avoid caching.

This was introduced in the Products.CMFPlone package in Plone 4.3.12, 5.0.7, and 5.1b1.


Call http://plonesite-url/ZopeTime. You can also call this on the Zope site root. This will return the current time on the server.

This may be served by a caching server in front of Plone, so it does not guarantee that Plone is still live.

If you use the experimental.publishtraverse package, this will either give you a NotFound error, or log a warning each time it is called, due to lacking permissions. And this may happen in core Plone in the future too.