Contributing to this documentation

Contributing to this documentation is easy, just follow these steps*:

  1. Install Sphinx.

  1. Fork the github repository at

    If you don’t know how to do it, check Fork a Repo at GitHub Help.

  2. Check out the repository you just forked:

    $ git clone
  3. Change directories to the documentation directory:

    $ cd diazo/docs
  4. Make your changes. If you don’t know Sphinx or reStructuredText, you can read about them respectively here, and here.

    To see the final result you can run:

    $ make html
  1. Commit your changes and push them back to your github fork:

    $ git commit -m 'Added documentation to make the world a better place'
    $ git push origin master
  2. Send a pull request with your changes.

    See how in Send Pull Requests at GitHub Help.

Contributing to Diazo

Diazo is maintained by the Plone project. The canonical source code repository can be found at:

You can follow the same fork & pull request procedure described above to contribute to the source.

Discussion about the development of Diazo happens mainly on the plone-developers mailing list.

If you have questions as a user of Diazo, please see

Some important ground rules:

  • Please do each new features on a separate branch. Bugfixes can be done in the master branch.

  • Keep the tests passing and write new tests (simply create a new directory in the tests/ directory following the convention of the existing tests).